Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Key Three +
Chair Mike Westfall H: 738-6020
C: 336-6399
  mlwestfall@comcast.net    8347 Emerald Ave, Woodbury
Vice Chair Bob Pettitt 402-1018   robert.pettitt@usfamily.net    
Commissioner Mark Salmen C: 271-6690
H: 436-5842
Program Relations Executive Ben Coder 254-9118   bcoder@nsbsa.org      
Community Relations Executive Suzannah Stulberg 254-9123   sstulberg@nsbsa.org    
The "A" Team .... Activities
Chair Jenny Veith 343-9860   j3nnyv31th@hotmail.com

Sue Gurrola 295-5292   sue.gurrola@gmail.com   7201 Glenross Rd, Woodbury
  Patty Young  459-2405
  Maggie Knuteson 430-2034
riverwooddc@comcast.net   13833 26th St. N., Stillwater
  Ted Jeo 503-8372   orst86@gmail.com   4354 Brockton Dr, Woodbury
  Craig Brinkman (612) 801-1611
craig.brinkman@comcast.net   8452 Ashford Rd, Woodbury
  William Earley  H: 264-1341   wearley.magicjester@gmail.com  
  John Pape 356-1124
Advancement & Awards 
Chair Dave Jungkunz 777-4282   mmmpc654@isd.net   2745 Lake Blvd, North Saint Paul
Eagle Project Review Peter Hilpisch 278-4398   peter@hilpisch.net  
Eagle Boards of Review Mark Salmen C: 271-6690
H: 436-5842
Religious Emblems Gero “Gadder” Feaman 331-6356   gerofeaman@yahoo.com    
Chair Karen Foster 341-8074
2017 National Jamboree Contact Rocky Vandal  788-1154   rockyagain@msn.com
Order of the Arrow
Advisor James Brown (612) 202-4063   jsjbrown@comcast.net   2390 Overlook Ct. N., Stillwater
  Michelle Pitheon 230-2793   mpitheon@nsbsa.org   3817 Grand Ave, W.B.L.
OA Associate Advisor for Conclave John Pape  356-1124  


Chair Mike McCarthy 494-8296   michaelmccarthy555@msn.com   410 Linden St. West, Stillwater, MN 55082 
Chair De Granstrom 485-4796   granstrom@q.com    
Records Carol Zupfer 436-1665   carolzupfer@gmail.com   7447 St. Croix Trl S, Hastings
Boy Scouts Dan Stepan (612) 817-2148   stepandj@gmail.com    
Cub Scouts Jim Persoon 501-9783   jim.persoon@atk.com   8063 9th St Way, Oakdale
Lion Cubs VACANT    
Commissioner Scott Harvey H: 430-2927
W: 351-4278
  scott.harvey12@gmail.com   8220 Neal Ave. N, Stillwater
Cub Scout Commissioner Gary Kloncz C: (612) 801-2064   GRCubCommittee@Outlook.com    
Cub Scout Commissioner Dale App C: (952) 484-5000   GRCubCommittee@Outlook.com    
Cub Scout Staff VACANT        
Boy Scout Commissioner Scott Degel 776-7317   sdegel@comcast.net    
District Chair VACANT        
Family FOS Michael Franke


Business FOS VACANT        
Product Sale VACANT        
James E West Fellowship Bob Koepke
Popcorn Chair Rocky Vandal 788-1154   rockyagain@msn.com    
Popcorn Chair - Assistant Naomi Vandal 470-5790   mimivandal@yahoo.com
General John Capecchi     jtcapecchi@mmm.com   6568 4th St N, Oakdale
Nominating Chair Scott Harvey H: 430-2927
W: 351-4278
Growth Tom Bourke     tbourke@usiwireless.com  
School Night for Scouting Alicia Tilman  343-1940   committee.chair@woodburypack60.org  
New Unit team VACANT        
Webelos Transition David Peters  C: 307-4259    Sharpelbow@gmx.com    
Boy Scout Recruitment VACANT        
Lion Cub Recruitment VACANT          
Chair VACANT        
Public Relations VACANT          
Web Master Stephen Foster C: 587-1979   jd7912hy@my.century.edu    
Web Support Peter Hilpisch C: 278-4398   peter@hilpisch.net    
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