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Awards & Recognition

Scouting's leadership is overwhelmingly volunteer, the Boy Scouts of America recognizes the need to acknowledge the invaluable services that men and women render to youth. There are many awards that may be earned or individuals are nominated for.

Of these many awards presented each year to individuals the District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver are the most prestigious and are nationally recognized. These awards are unique compared to other awards because these are granted by one's own peers in Scouting for distinguished service to youth.    

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Distringuished Unit Scouter Award

The Distinguished Unit Service Award is presented to UNIT level Scouters.  The award is intended to recognize unit level Scouters who have performed distinguished service to youth through their unit activities over a sustained period of time.  Each chartered unit of Great Rivers District may receive one Distinguished Unit Level Service Award per year for candidates who meet the qualifications.

The annual award deadline is in the early spring.  Watch for announcements about the specific date. 

To submit someone for this award, contact the district leadership for more information. 

2014 Distinguished Unit Scouters
Type Unit Recipient
Pack 49 Jeff Eide
Pack 125 Jerry Brenden
Pack 126 Patrick McKellips
Pack 132 Tony Watry
Pack 461 Nancy Boulay
Pack 513 Tiffany Joy Hanson
Troop 9005 Greg Underwood
Troop 49 Mike Sivigny
Troop 71 Deanna Granstrom
Troop 113 Sean Flaherty
Troop 188 Joan Sloop
Troop 226 Lorie Danielson
Troop 249 Brian Haupt
Troop 461 Chuck Knapp
Troop 559 Wayne Schiferl
Troop 817 Eric Senf

District Award of Merit

The District Award of Merit is a council award presented by districts to any registered volunteer Scouter who has given service of an outstanding nature on the district level.

The nominee must be a registered Scouter and have rendered noteworthy service to youth at the district level, both within Scouting AND outside of Scouting.  Consideration should be given to the nominee’s attitude toward and cooperation with the district and council. 

District Award of Merit Great Rivers District
Gateway, Riverwood, LaCroix, Eastside
2014 Craig Brinkman Terry Spawn Carol Zupfer Mike McCarthy
2013 Lori Danielson Peter Hilpisch Mike Fratto Michelle Campbell
2012 Michael Westfall Tom Bourke Steve Linder Dr. Rick Timm
2011 Ted Jeo Sue Gurrola Bruce Willie
2010 Paul Copenhaver Patrick Dee Mike Schroeder
2009 James Kortz Norm Severson Bill Vinedahl Craig Young Roger Knuteson
2008 Norm Baer Gerry Deutsch Scott Zimmer
2008 Woody Borreson Ron Provow
2007 Ronald Roach Eric Buck Jan Gasterland
2007 Jim Roush Tom Folz
2006 John Capecchi Otis Blyton Jr.
2006 Al Martin Judy Martin
2005 Jon Cieslak Nell Nere Brian Doughty
2004 Melissa Kogler Jim Mohn Ray Skwierczynski
2004 Dawn Bagass
2003 Bob Espelien Lynda Paulson Peter Wickert
2003 Tim Taylor Scott Harvey
2002 Duane Almquist Jim Fitch Randy Greenly
2001 Ellen Aeling Michael Morehead Jodie Showalter Eugene White
2000 Kim Brynildson Laurie Johnson Michelle Pitheon David Miesmer
2000 Donald Renstrom Dave Kinde Maggie Knuteson Kurt Leichtle
1999 Larry Denson Maureen Espelien Keith Krause Bob Rauen
1999 Jean Pociengel Dan Randall John Herbert
1998 Michael Aeling Michael Landers Dan Nelson David Jungkunz
1998 Kevin Burgess Ed Westmoreland Carl Braunreiter
1997 Gerry Bird Mary Heiple David Novy Jerry Swanson
1997 Frank Falkofske Tome Koen Cindy Melzer
1996 Colleen Bown Bob Koepke Joe Showalter Mike Stoddard
1996 Jean Carr Judy Clausen Ronald Melzer
1995 Steve Ackerman Fred Boulay Brad Fitzgerald Bob Thone
1995 Randall Franke Gary Johnson Todd Tingblad
1994 Larry Berg Mike Lund Bob Pettit
1994 Robert Albright Gurtie Berkner Charles Clausen
1993 Scott Degel Mary Degel Jim Mosner Tom Miller
1993 Ronald Deppa Robert Gard David Glas
1992 Dick Miske Glen Domeier Jim Schmitz
1992 Gerald Bristol Joseph Reding Thomas Schilling
1991 Ralph Zalazar Mary Zalazar Dick Smith Jeri Smith Tom Rossbach
1991 Stanley Berkner Douglas Johnson Diane Westmoreland
1990 Tim Barrett David Denn Kathy Smothers Kurt Zilley
1990 Patricia Graven Richard Oehmke Susan Reese
1989 Michael Gerster Neil S. Johnson Betty Thissen
1989 Mary Bristol Hilbert Butzke Marcia Gregory
1988 David Hart Bill Woolever Tom Miller Cindy Miller
1988 Michael Gregory Duane Leier Floyd Miller

Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver is a national award presented by the local council; it is the highest honor a local council may bestow upon a volunteer.

CLICK HERE for the form to nominate one of your fellow scouters to earn this award.

Nominations for the Silver Beaver awards consist of three parts:

  • Noteworthy service of exceptional character to non-Scouting youth
  • Exceptional service to the BSA
  • Service or standing within the community or community organization


Carl Kaeple District Service Award

The Carl Kaeple District Service Award is presented to a Great Rivers volunteer who has rendered service to the district of an extraordinary merit over an extended period.  Some have referred to the award as the District’s lifetime achievement recognition.  To be eligible for the award, a scouter must be 1) currently registered, 2) have received the District Award of Merit and 3) have rendered at least 15 years of service to the district, either through district leadership positions or through a history of significant contributions to district programs and activities.  In addition, 4) the service rendered to the district should be exemplary.

The award is presented annually at the District Recognition Dinner.  The District’s Key 3 – District Chair, District Commissioner, and District Executive - are responsible for administering the recognition.  The recipient will be selected by committee of five, consisting of the Key 3, the previous year’s recipient, and another distinguished volunteer.

The selection committee welcomes all recommendations of scouters who deserve the award.  Rather than a formal application, the committee accepts nomination letters.  To obtain full and fair consideration, the letter should address all 4 requirements.  With respect to requirement 4, the committee considers quality to be more important than quantity.  One or two significant examples are far better than a list.  Please be sure to include your contact information.  The committee will consider a maximum of two letters for each nominee.  Soliciting additional letters on behalf of a candidate will not be helpful.

If you have questions concerning the award or nominations, please contact David Miesmer, 651 779 0349 or

History of the Award

Greater East Side District established the award in 1986, shortly after Kaeple’s death, to perpetuate the memory of this dedicated scouter. 

Kaeple was a part of scouting from its very beginning.  He joined the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, the year in which the organization received its charter from the United States Congress.  While a Scout, he earned the Eagle Award. 

After his days as a Scout were over, he began a period of long and distinguished service to the Boy Scouts of America.  In June of 1942, he became a professional scouter and 1951 he came to St. Paul.  His positions in St. Paul included those of Assistant Scout Executive and Director of Special Activities. 

In 1964, he retired and went back to being a volunteer.  He remained a volunteer until his death in February of 1983.  He amassed a total tenure of almost 73 years, the longest in the BSA, at the time of the founding of this award. 

Carl Kaepple Award Recipients

2014 Scott Harvey
2013 Brian Doughty 1987 Bernie Johnson
2012 Mike Fratto 2011 David Novy
2010 Bob Pettit 2010 Doyle Strong
2009 Maureen Espelien 2008 Jim Fitch
2007 Jerry Swanson 2006 Scott Degel
2005 Michael Aeling 2004 Larry Berg
2003 Mary Degel 2002 Dan Nelson
2001 Fred Boulay 2000 Art Torseth
1999 Nancy Cook 1998 Edward Dike Jr.
1997 Al Linder 1996 Tom Miller
1995 David Holmberg Sr. 1994 David Hart
1993 Darlene Collins 1992 Rose Rieling
1991 Bob Balbach 1990 David Klinkhammer
1989 Jack Lloyd 1988 Bob Nelson


*** 2010 had two winners because of the district merger.

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