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A quality program attracts membershp into Scouting.  But promoting your unit is important.  Recruiting is a year round activity that is everyone's responsibility, regardless of position or role in the unit, district or council.  Each fall there is a recruitment campaign to help your unit grow.  A council-wide campaign with advertising and promotional materials occurs during this time.

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Recruiting is a year round activity that is the responsibility of everyone - parent, leader and Scout - involved with the Scouting program. Each fall the Northern Star Council coordinates a council-wide recruitment effort for Cub Scouting and Boy Scouting.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful and lasting forms of advertising. Kids talking to others about the fun they have is a great way to spread excitement among youth. Use the recruiter patch or another incentive program that rewards your Scouts if they bring a friend to join Cub Scouting. Cub Scout families consistently see the value of Scouting in their own lives and by this they are our best salespeople. Share Scouting's benefits and excitement with other parents. Most families are looking for programs filled with excitement and opportunities for leadership development and positive values. Most families are involved in lots of activities including sports and church.

The Webelos-to-Scout plan is a cooperative effort between the pack and troop that results in increased transition of Webelos Scouts to Boy Scouting. It gives Webelos Scouts and their families an awareness of the troop program, troop leadership, advancement, and an appreciation of troop organization and relationships. Studies have shown that when the plan is used, a high percentage of Webelos Scouts move into the troop easily and eagerly.
Boys can join the Scouting program at any age. Boy Scout recruitment, whether it be through a Webelos transition plan or ongoing recruitment by the troop to the neighborhood, is an important part of keeping a unit strong and healthy.
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